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PIA Takes on Another Industry Giant

The Printing Industries of America learned in early April that an upcoming issue of The Costco Connection, a newsletter for the Costco Wholesale Corp., headquartered in Issaquah, WA, features a sustainability article titled “Good for the earth and business” that touts the superior performance of electronic communication over print.

In an open letter to Costco, Michael Makin, PIA president, encouraged the organization to reconsider, telling the membership warehouse club that “Contrary to the claims made in your article, the use of paper and print on paper isn’t depleting our forests, overwhelming our landfills or causing global warming. In fact, just the opposite is true, and companies calling for less print or a go-paperless campaign don’t take into account that paper, and print on paper, is a renewable, recyclable resource, and is a sustainable way to communicate.”

He commended Costco for bringing attention to the topic and reiterated that printing is the only medium with a one-tie carbon footprint while all other media require energy from non-renewable fuels every time they are viewed. Paper made in North America, he said, is made with at least 60 percent renewable energy.

A tool from the PIA aims to dispel myths associated with the print industry. “The Value of Print” is a flip-book available in print and online formats, as well as a mobile app. To learn more, visit www.printing.org/valueofprint.