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'Print Is Big' Campaign Goes Viral

To help the $640 billion worldwide print industry promote itself, highlight its true eco-friendliness and dispel common myths, Keen Systems recently launched the “Print Is Big” campaign. Companies and individuals in the industry are encouraged to use the campaign to promote themselves and the importance of the print industry overall.

Keen collected facts and statistics about the US and worldwide printing industries, sourced from the top researchers focused on graphic arts, and the resulting infographic and companion website showcase the significance of the print industry in terms of the industry’s size, eco-friendliness and importance to commerce and connection to the online world. The campaign offers downloadable graphics on a Creative Commons license for branding and distribution. Other resources are available to help spread the campaign.

Originally created as a response to myths about the print industry’s environmental record, the campaign has quickly gotten recognition from the industry and beyond. Companies in the US and abroad are using the Print Is Big campaign as an articulate answer to misguided campaigns such as Think Before Printing.

“We are thrilled about the response the campaign has received so early on,” said Vitaly M. Golomb, CEO of Keen Systems. “We’ve already seen numerous print and related companies download the infographic to share with their customers, partners and prospects. Even better, we’ve seen a number of marketing firms and independent marketers take note of the amazing statistics having to do with the effectiveness of print advertising. Print is experiencing a renaissance and we are excited to support it.”

About Keen Systems?

Keen is a revolutionary online service that e-commerce enables print service providers of any size and capability to increase profitability, free their sales team from account management chores and expand their capabilities with an ecosystem of partner plugin apps. The service went live at Graph Expo 2011, where it won a “Must See ‘Em” award. Visit Keen’s website to learn more: www.keenprint.com.