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PIA, NAPL Cease Unification Talks

A joint task force, formed in February to study blending the Printing Industries of America and the National Association of Printing Leadership, has ceased unification discussions. The two groups will remain independent, but will actively collaborate on key programs and ongoing partnerships in the Graphic Arts Show Company, GAERF and conferences such as the Vision 3 Summit.

Laura Lawton-Forsyth and Darren Loken, co-chairs of the Unification Task Force, said the organizations have the utmost respect for each other. "We look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship," the pair said in a statement while thanking task force members for their time.

The task force was comprised of representatives from both boards and was expanded over the past six months to include a broader range of managers, vendors and printer members. Key issues were studied, including legal, financial, governance, membership structure and programs.

Several factors had been cited for seeking unification: the economic conditions of the past several years, the ongoing contraction of the industry and a response to calls for action from membership and suppliers.

Ultimately, the task force concluded it was not possible to formulate a combined entity that accommodated the diverse needs of both a direct and locally delivered structure. Each group, though, was encouraged to serve its membership by continuing and building upon beneficial collaborations.

For more information, call Loken at 206.295.3284, Lawton-Forsyth at 509.534.1044 or visit www.printing.org.