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Designing with Specialty Effects


Designing with foil stamping, embossing and other decorative effects such as specialty UV coatings, film laminates, laser cutting and more adds value and quality to a product, creates brand recognition and sets a product apart from others on the shelf.

The FSEA has created many tools to help designers utilize these processes in their designs. From Designer Tips and Case Studies on how to successfully utilize these processes to Green Initiatives proving the sustainability of foil stamped paper and board and an online directory of print finishers, designers will find a host of resources in this section.

Looking for a print finisher? Visit FinisherFinder.com to help you locate one in your area.

Decorative Processes

Numerous options are available for designing with foil and other specialty effects, and the list of those options grows continually. Below is an overview of informative details and articles on print enhancement technologies available to printers and designers.

Foil Stamping and Embossing
Cold Foil Process
UV Coatings
UV Film Casting (Cast & Cure™)
Film Laminating
Laser Cutting
Foil Fusing


Designers Tips

From how to create digital artwork to design traps to avoid, this collection of designer tips offers a wide range of practical tips to designing with foil stamping and embossing. Learn more.

Designers Guidebook

To learn more about all of the options available with foil stamping and embossing, order your copy of "A Different Breed: The Designer's Guide to Foil Stamping and Embossing". This reference guide will take you on a journey through an exotic world of color, texture and dimension. An informative sample-oriented book for designers and printers – and a unique marketing tool for foil stampers and embossers – the 3rd Edition includes updated information and a full section on preparing artwork for foil stamping and embossing work. Learn more.

Finisher Finder

FinisherFinder.com is a quick reference tool to source a wide range of print finishing processes at the click of a button. Whether searching for a specific finishing process (such as foil stamping/embossing, registered hologram stamping, diecutting, UV coating, film laminating, folding/gluing, specialty processes and more), press/sheet size capacity, geographic location, or product, the website is designed for easy navigation – instantly sourcing the finishing process needed. It also sources a wide range of suppliers to the trade, including equipment, services and supplies.

Green Initiatives

As environmental sustainability and responsibility continue to be hot topics in the graphic arts arena, the FSEA continues to develop green initiatives such as its most recent study on the recyclability and repulpability of foil stamped paper/board that was commissioned by a third-party research firm. This study, along with GreenBlue's report on the Sustainability of Decorative Processes are two valuable sources available to you to help sell these processes to customers who dictate sustainable choices.

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GreenBlue Report on the Sustainability of Decorative Processes
FSEA Study on the Recyclability and Repulpability of Foil Decorated Paper/Board

Success Articles

Numerous articles have been published demonstrating the effect use of foil stamping, embossing and other decorative processes on packaging, POP displays, promotional materials and more. Discover the many ways designers are turning heads through the use of print enhancement processes.

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