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Current FSEA members can access valuable information in this section that can be accessed and utilized to sell the value of foil and embossing. Items include case studies and research studies – formatted and designed as presentations. Just print and you're ready to go! This section is a valuable source of information to help members increase their bottom line.

The FSEA conducts multiple surveys throughout the year to provide its members with critical statistics to help them operated their businesses. From wage and benefits to current business condition, these surveys are great references to utilize in analyzing your current graphic finishing operation. Are you paying too little or too much for experienced or trainee personnel? In what areas are other finishers experiencing growth? This survey is designed to provide FSEA members with detailed statistical information regarding the foil stamping, embossing and specialty effects industry. Learn more.

HelpLinks is an online resource that provides a means through which FSEA members can ask questions of the FSEA online community – both active and supplier members. If you have a challenging project and need help getting it through production, you can submit your questions(s) through HelpLinks and it will go to those FSEA embers who have agreed to offer their expertise. Likewise, you may be in market for a particular piece of machinery and want feedback from industry peers. HelpLinks is a great place to post questions and conduct industry research. Learn more.

Job Links
List job openings on the FSEA website.

Selling the Value of Foil
In this section, you will find a series of research studies and case studies – all geared at selling the value of foil stamping and embossing. Filled with statistics and real success stories, this section is perfect for making presentations to potential customers, end users or even designers. Learn more.

Distributed only to FSEA members, the FSEA Enews is a quarterly enewsletter containing association news, industry trends and valuable tips to help you operate your business in current market conditions. Learn more.

Trade Customs
Finishing Industries Trade Customs as recommended by the FSEA and reflect the common business practices of the finishing industries. However, "Trade Customs" are not necessarily "recommended" practices. Some finishers may elect to follow them; others may not. The use of any Trade Customs must always be an independent, individual business decision. Learn more.